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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  May 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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community is reeling from a mass killing. we're learning more about the gunman, his victims and a terrifying chain of events that unfolded last night. plus, we'll take you to ukraine, where people are getting ready to go to the polls to vote for a new president. and fighting fire, which fire? the unusual tactics firefighters in arizona are taking to gain the upper hand in this wild fire, burning out of control tonight. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us for special edition of nbc bay area news. >> age i'm diane. we begin tonight with new information about the killings new uk santa barbara. police did not have to search long to learn what motivated a 22-year-old college student to kill six people and injure 13 others last night. the answer was a click away on youtube in a chilling confession. in the video elliott rogers complains about his life.
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he laughs at time and threatens to enter a sor rorty and slaughter everyone inside. >> several members of this sor rorty reported hearing loud and aggressive knocking at the front door, which lasted for one to two minutes. fortunately no one opened the door and shortly afterwards, witnesses reported seeing three young women who were standing outside in the vicinity shot by the suspect from across the street. >> the attack went on for several blocks. finally ended when the gunman apparently killed himself. nbc's mike has the latest. >> reporter: by late this afternoon, nine separate crime scenes were on the way to being cleared. locations where just before 9:30 friday night, the usually busy scenes in and around the uc santa barbara campus has been
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pierced by gunshots. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: it was someone shooting from a car, a black late model bmw firing away here. >> the car pulled up in front of the deli mart. i heard 12 and 20 shots into a group of people eating in front of it. >> reporter: a chilling video had been posted on youtube, hours before it happened. >> elliot rodger here. well, this is my last video. it all has to come to this. tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge against humanity. against all of you. >> reporter: rodger, the 22-year-old son of peter rodger of "hunger games" fame had been a student at a local community college not ucsb.
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the family attorney confirmed he was the alleged gunman. the child of divorce had been struggling with personal problemings. >> we're experiencing the most inconceivable pain and our hearts go out to everyone involved. >> reporter: rodger had a life of privilege, but in the seven-minuteman fes toe said his h hadred were pursued by the men who looked down at him. he took a semiautomatic handgun and supply of ammunition. a drive by shooting spraying bullets at random victims in the night. >> this was a premeditated mass murder. >> reporter: he fired outside people outside a deli, a pizza place. >> he put his hand down his pants and pulled it out and there was blood all over it. >> reporter: six minutes after the first 911 calls, police encountered the alleged shooter's car and there was an exchange of gunfire.
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the suspect crashing into another car and a bicyclist before dying of a gunshot to the head. there were witnesses who heard those final moments. >> i heard about six gunshots. sounded like shots. and we weren't sure if it was fireworks. >> reporter: and others who saw how it all ended. >> we saw the black car crash into a parked car half on the sidewalk and a guy laying in the street and a cop attending to someone in the driver's seat. >> reporter: there have been other recent hints of rodger's mounting personal problems before the video manifesto. he took to twitter. why do girls hate me? on the blog, he wrote of santa barbara, a beautiful environment can be the darkest hell if you have to experience it all alone. leading to this. >> again, that was mike reporting. sheriff also explained tonight howe how he got the guns. all were registered to rodger. hae had more than 40 magazine clips with ten rounds in each.
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nothing prevented him from legally buying the guns or magazines. we're learning about the 22-year-old college student who left behind all the reasons he had for doing what he did, while the parent of one of his victims is crying out for explanation. we have more in the news room with that part of the story. >> reporter: police are looking at several videos and also blogs posted by the alleged shooter telling the story of a 22-year-old angered by rejection. in youtube videos, including one posted just ten hours before the shootings, elliot rodger made threats regarding suicide and killing people. according to family, rodgers, a student at santa barbara city college, had a mild form of autism. it's described as a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. aggressive behavior is not typically a characteristic of the syndrome. rodger's father is one of the assistant directors on the movie "the hunger games" speaking
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three a attorney, they said they called police about the youtube videos. police were called on april 30th and talked to rodger at his home. >> the rodger's family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. we are experiencing the most inconceivable pain and our hearts go out to everybody involved. >> reporter: the father of one of the victims says he spoke to his son kris mer martinez just 45 minutes before he was killed. >> i can't understand why we aren't doing more to prevent this kind of thing. here you go, a guy who they knew, you know, there's all -- i don't know the family or the police or who -- but, i mean, aren't we tired of this? isn't this just -- i mean, how can this go on? what are we thinking? it's just unbelievable to me that we have to do this all over again. >> reporter: coming up tonight,
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we'll hear more from the father of one of the victims who made emotional pleas about gun control. kimberly, thank you. last night's massacre had similarities to another incident that terrorized that same community back in 2001. david killed four people when he drove his car through a crowd. he was a freshman at uc santa barbara at the time. he was sentenced to 60 years in a mental institution but was released to 2012 to outpatient program. similar to rodger, he was also the son of a hollywood director. we have continuing coverage on the mass killing on our website. we'll have any new developments tonight at 11:00 p.m. in the south bay, a die yakker found a body in creek this morning. they're trying to determine if the person was killed or died by accident. firefighters said the body was found about a mile north of the marina. it's an area accessible only
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through the slew. the body of water is popular spot for fishing boats and kayaks. two rescue boats were launched. right now we have the rescue boats throughout with the body and just trying to see what the best access will be for law enforcement to secure the crime scene. until they can make the determination of the cause of death, it will be considered a crime scene. emergency officials say they don't know how long the body has been in the water and will not comment on the condition. law enforcement is still looking for any evidence as to how it got there. we have a followup now to investigation io the death of a toddler in oakland. he was found unresponsive on 39th avenue yesterday morning. emergency crews were unable to revive the boy. police are calling it right now an unexplained death, possibly sudden infant death syndrome. early voting is now open on
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the weekends in santa clara county. it began a few weeks ago. but today marks the first saturday open at the polling place. the registrared voter's office is scheduled to open tomorrow and next weekend from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. early voting on the weekends is also available at five libraries throughout the county from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. there is early voting in most other bay area counties as well. it's sunday morning and ukraine and the poms are getting ready to open for ukraine's presidential election. ukrainian officials say pro russian insurgents are hampered half. there's fear that violence may keep people from the polls. europe's human rights and democracy watchdog groups will be monitoring. >> our main reason for participating is to express our
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support for the ukrainian people. >> we believe that the united states has a role here and it is creating, as you suggest, which is not something that we are currently engaged in. >> ukraine's presidential election was called after the interim government came to power in february following months of deadly protests that chased pro russian president from power. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake was felt in turkey and boll gar ya residents rushed into the streets. turkish officials say 266 people were injured, one of them is in serious condition tonight. the earthquake caused panic and southern boll gar ya but officials say they have no reports of death there. coming up next, most known as a weapon, but we'll show you how firefighters in arizona are using it to help fight a massive wild fire. right now we're seeing
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mostly clear skies with a warmup on the way as we wrap up your weekend forecast. 90s possibly for tomorrow. we'll look at the rest of the memorial day holiday forecast when we come right back.
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in the east bay, robbery suspect who was tried to evade police crashed. a woman in the car died and a man also in the car was injured. police say the man bought an item at radio shack with counterfeit money last night. when encountered by employee, he took off. they found the car crashed into a building here. the suspect and the woman had both been thrown from the car. the woman died at the scene. it's unclear if she was the driver or passenger. >> a dramatic rescue 101 this morning. southbound lanes were closed
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while emergency workers worked to get him out of the wreckage. he is listed in serious condition. you saw a moment ago where the big rig overturned spilling produce all over the roadway. a teenage girl was killed after she lost control of her car in tracy and got stuck in a canal filled with water. it happened early this morning on westbound highway 4. emergency crews were unable to revive the 16-year-old girl. this is the scene where the divers pulled the car from the canal there. investigators say the unidentified girl was the only person in the car. and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a wild fire burning in a scenic arizona canyon is expected to nearly triple in size before firefighters gain the upper hand. the so-called slide fire, just 5% contained right now. as nbc's trisha hendrick reports. >> reporter: the complexity of the slide fire is very, very high. >> reporter: thousands of acres of beautiful country engulfed in
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flames. air operations are crucial. >> specially in really steep rug gad terrain. >> reporter: this fire has a lot of horsepower up against it. large helicopters each carrying about 2,000 gallons of water, staying busy criss-crossing the canyon, dropping watt ere, helping crews doing burnout operations below. >> we can't put firefighters out in front of steep terrain and rapid moving fire. so the air support can come in and hold down the drops. >> reporter: crews are also fighting fire with fire. >> very important in terms of controlling the spread of the fire to the east here. >> we have some that are actually doing aerial ignitions in other part where they're dropping ping-pong balls of napalm to actually burn out areas. >> reporter: it's another way to work to keep the fire from escaping. fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen. >> we want to debrooif the main fire of fuel from continuing to progress. >> burning out the line and the main fire, we take that flammable fuel and get rid of
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it. >> reporter: crews are positive they'll gain more ground on any spot fires that ignite. >> thar optimistic they'll pick them up with the helicopters and keep them in check. >> reporter: but for the hundreds of people still evacuated and thousands on stand by, fire officials are asking for patience because they still have a lot more work to do. >> several draws and canyons and a checker board of stuff that will continue to burn. we could be looking at a pretty long duration of holding on a week to two weeks, three weeks. we're going to do our best everyday. >> amazing shots of the smoke down there. firefighters say the goal is to keep the fire from pushing into nearby communities. authorities determined that the fire was man made but have ruled out a campfire. let's check in with rob and see what is happening around here, your three day weekend. >> the weather here pretty nice on this side of the sierra and the wert perhaps helping things out in flag staff right now. see some showers there. right around the four quarters region bringing how is frers north to south across northern arizona but back to the bay
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area, we have high pressure now starting to build in. clearing out the coast and a sign that tomorrow will be a warmer day than the high we saw today which were mainly in the 70s to some low 80s. right now 63 in san jose. a brisk 60 in san francisco and we're seeing the low clouds coming in again, patchy low clouds tonight as the winds are out of the west 20 miles per hour and still cool marine air reaching inland. the marine layer 2,000 feet thick should get squished down to 1,000 feet during the day tomorrow. that will set the stage for a warmup sunday afternoon. the morning, a familiar start. patchy low clouds for the morning. head towards the afternoon, see little less low clouds on the coast. some coastal areas will see some 70s, not just santa cruz but further up the coast. we'll see more sunshine for your sunday afternoon. for the late afternoon hours, we'll hang on to 70s and 80s for most of the bay. sunset at 8:230. breezy and mild.
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hour by hour, you see the patches of low clouds into tomorrow morning, just not as widespread as we had this morning. we'll see mostly sunny skies inland. only clouds near northern california. area south of lake tahoe may still see a slight chance of an afternoon thunder shower at times. high pressure builds in, we'll see our temperatures climb up a good five to ten degrees tomorrow. marine layer gets squished down, most the cooling will be felt along the immediate coast. tiner bay will see 70s and 80s. we should see some low 90s or at least upper 80s sunday and memorial damond. the seven-day forecast, cooling changes arriving towards the middle part of the week as the sea breeze picks up once again. temperatures tomorrow, low to mid 80s around san jose. saratoga 90 degrees. that will be the temperature trend as we go through monday, warm for a couple of days, then a big drop of almost ten degrees heading into tuesday and wednesday. a trend that will continue as we go through the second half of
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the week. the north bay tomorrow, pretty pleasant. close to 90 at nap pa. mid 80s and the trivalley. it does appear that sunday should be the warmest day of the next five days around the north bay and around the trivalley as well. monday, still hot inland. see some cooling for san francisco and the coast into monday then everybody really starts to cool off as we approach the middle part of the week. the sea breeze gets going again. head out the the coast, we should see a nice conditions around santa cruz, getting up to 84 degrees. 68 in mon ta ray and notice lake tahoe 70s and 80s. yosemite, a slight chance of afternoon thunder shower. the bottom line, warmer for tomorrow then monday still warm inland and the valleys and then everybody cools off as we head towards next weekend. very nice for your memorial day sunday and monday plans ahead. back to you. >> thanks very much. coming up next, new chapter for many graduates across the bay area this month. but the ceremony at san jose state was not a time of
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celebration for one family. although they say it was an important step for them as well. and a look at the annual motorcycle ride to remember those in the armed forces who paid the ultimate price. fracking is a dangerous practice. not know where that's happening, it's a huge concern. following our investigation, california past and historic fracking law. >> i was shocked at the number of violations. >> now we investigate why the new rules are not being fully enforced. >> you'll fik it. >> we will get it fixed. >> tuesday at 11:00 p.m. on nbc bay area news. we investigate.
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for years, hundreds of motorcycle riders have gathered in washington, d.c. to honor p.o.w.s during the memorial day weekend. >> we spoke to some newcomers about the tradition and has this report. ♪ mark robins found the name of his uncle, jerry robins on the vietnam wall. he was among the tens of thousands who paid the ultimate price for freedom. >> just very emotional. i'm emotional right now speaking to you. >> reporter: did you know snim. >> i was 3 years old. his family legacy.
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he was remembered and honored in our family. >> reporter: he was among the thousands who came to the wall to remember loved one, a friend at the start of the memorial day weekend. hundreds of thousands are coming to washington for rolling thunder, on motorcycles to remember the prisoner of war and missing in action. those left behind. and to pay tribute to the nation's veterans. travis haymore driven his motorcycle here from north carolina for rolling thunder for the last 14 years. >> the comradery with everybody of the celebration of lives, once you're a rolling thunder member, you have a family with people in every state. >> reporter: for others, it's their first time. kevin and his wife amy came from georgia. kevin has been in the military for 21 years. for him, it's hon orring those who laid down their lives. >> done a lot in 21 years. i just thought i would bring my wife down here and just see what
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everybody went through before my time. >> an opportunity to pay respect and for all the freedom we have and be thankful for it for those who fought for it. that was darcy spencer reporting. and still to come, one san jose state graduate was absent. she was killed in a car crash two weeks ago. today her family celebrated her hard work and her memory. the youngest baby in the world to undergo a certain procedure. help her take in all the sights and sounds around her. we'll explain coming up. and more police on bay area streets for the memorial day weekend. the extra patrols is aimed at keeping drivers safe tonight. plus, results from d.u.i. check points so far.
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well, today was graduation day for san jose state university. but one young woman who worked hard to earn her degree was not
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there to receive her diploma. >> she died in a car crash two weeks ago today. we are shown, the university brought back her mother's smile, if just for a moment. ♪ >> on this graduation day, tears of happiness at spartan stadium. up in suite 5, tears of sorrow today. rosita aragon hears her name. >> rosita aragon. >> rosita aragon was one class short of her spanish degree from san jose state when she died in her father's arms after a car crash the day before mother's day. >> i think today has been the most difficult day for me from all the other days. because today we were supposed to be here with her, sitting right behind her.
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>> reporter: instead san jose state university presented her parents with her diploma. she was 31 years old when she died but her sister said she worked full time as a dee jay and bringing joy to her family and friends. she lived a full life. her sister now hopes that as the graduates move forward to the next stage of their live, her loving example can be a reminder of how quickly everything can change. >> enjoy your family, every single day. every single day. enjoy. because we don't know. and that's so cliche, but we don't know. >> after the graduation ceremony, the aragon family was heading to the cemetery to spend some time with rosita there and then the barbecue that she was so looking forward to. police agencies in the bay area are searching for drunk drivers this weekend. we're told there will be d.u.i. check points set up. police say they are also making
8:29 pm
sure people have valid drivers licenses. our nbc bay area crews spotted at least two arrests at a check point last night. officers say they made 21 arrests in santa clara county alone last night. according to the california highway patrol, last year 117 people were arrested for d.u.i. over the memorial day weekend in the bay area. that was down slightly from the previous year. officers are reminding people, of course, to designate a driver. checking in on construction work now on interstate 280 in san francisco. this is a kind of a look at the seismic safety work being done this morning. workers say so far the project son schedule. it's supposed to reopen monday -- rather tuesday morning early. the closure covers sixth street to pennsylvania avenue. this will affect giants fans in tonight's home game against the minnesota twins. you have to find another way
8:30 pm
around. crews are expected to finish as i mentioned by tuesday morning. now for a look of what's coming up in sports the man himself -- >> mr. henry woe ford. >> sorry about that. you're talking about me? plenty of baseball talk for just you two, my two favorite people of all time. terry and diane. r.a. dickey was nearly unhittable today. could toronto make it two in a row over the green and gold. plus the giants underway. trying to stay undefeated in interleague play. you wouldn't believe who went yard again. hint. they call him panda. we'll be right back with the highlights. ♪
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welcome back to nbc bay area. giants are perfect 4-0 in interleague play this season. looking to stay that way tonight against the minnesota twins. let's head out to at&t ballpark. game two of a three-game set. ryan vogelsong in a little
8:33 pm
trouble in the first. two men on base, he strikes out pinto to end the inning. bottom of the second, still scoreless, but panda has something to say about that. he homers to left. panda homered in back-to-back games. get this, he has homered in four of the last six games. giants up, 1-0. that game is in the fifth inning. a's at blue jays. beautiful day in toronto for a ball game. bottom of the fifth, two on. former giant, melky cabrera grounder to first. brandon moss bobbles the ball, throws it away. two runs score. blue jays up, 4-1. however, oakland would try to fight back. top of the ninth, a's down three. two on, two out, tying run at the plate. but alberto callaspo goes down swinging. blue jays win, 5-2. oakland has lost three consecutive games. well, california chrome looking to be the first triple crown winner in 36 years.
8:34 pm
he was almost out of the race. the belmont, that is, which is upcoming before it began. due a nasle ban strip. >> california chrome has won the preakness! >> reporter: california chrome is making headlines for more than its run at the triple crown. but because of these -- yes, nasal strips. >> i never thought a nasal strip would get so much publicity. >> i don't know why they're making a big deal ability. nobody would change it. you're going to take the thing off? >> reporter: the nasal strip is the same as for a human. who better to talk to about what it does for a horse than steve sherman, the son of california chrome's trainer, art sherman. let's go inside and learn more about it. ♪ >> clean the nose off first of all. make sure there's no dust or
8:35 pm
anything. then we'll apply it according to the nostrils. they have to be inch and a half above each nostril. >> little pinch. make sure it's on good and there we go. there's your equine nasal strip. >> we look like twins? kind of similar, right? >> what it does, the nasal passage opens up. that's all it. jerry rice had one on when he plays football. horses have a tendency to bleed sometimes when they race. it's just more or less a recovery for that, too. >> throughout this process, have you got any heat from any other trainers, any other owners at all? >> not really. all we did is just ask. you know, they okayed it. so basically we're happy it all worked out. i'm fortunate enough to go to the derby and the preakness and i'll be heading back to the belmont. so looking forward to going back there and hopefully we can get the triple crown. it would be cool. >> reporter: on june 7th, maybe the headline will read, california chrome captured the triple crown by a nose strip.
8:36 pm
>> thank you. the champions league final real madrid against atletico madrid. in the second half, stoppage time. real madrid, corner kick. sergio romo's with the header for the goal. big celebration there. head to extra time. 110th minute. the shot off the rebound is gareth bale gets it in. real madrid wins, 4-1. their tenth european title. french open, some rain prevented tennis stars from finding their groove. but a dee jay corrected the problem and two of the problems battled in a danceoff. little pop locking going on out there. man, those were some sweet moves. break dancing, takes me back to the day where i had a boom box and little card board. i used to do my own little
8:37 pm
popping. you see that? >> that's pretty good right there. >> yeah. >> that's how he worked his way through college. sit a bucket out, people were putting $50 bills in there. >> will dance for food. absolutely. >> henry, thanks very much. we'll be right back.
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the mushroom mardi gras festival returned to downtown morgan hill this memorial day weekend for the 35th year. it's packed with live entertainment, arts and crafts, food booths with different kinds of mushroom recipes on display. stop by any time tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. in the 6:00 p.m. in the evening. admission is free. and you know, this is the perfect day for a festival like that to be outside. very nice. for more on this weekend's warmup, check in with rob. it will get warmer, rob? >> it is. >> nice. >> about 80 out there today. it is perfect for this time of year in terms of weather. san jose, cooler mid 70s
8:40 pm
downtown. mainly in the 60s outside. san martin, chilly there. temperatures at least right now for most places, pretty close to where we were about the same hour yesterday. now, by this time tomorrow, i think you'll see a jump of at least five to eight degrees for most places. high pressure builds in, this will limit the affects of the on shore winds we've been seeing today and certainly still gusty at times this evening. see the winz into san francisco, close to 20 miles per hour and reaching inland, down into san jose and also further south into morgan hill, you can see up towards fairfield and livermore, the arrows pointing from left to right. the marine air is winning the battle. the marine layer is 2,006. i think only the coast will see the 70s and our inland locations have a chance of getting into the 80s and maybe some low 90s around the trivalley. tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds around the coast and inner bay. then in the afternoon, see more sunshine out near the coastline tomorrow. with mostly sunny skies inland.
8:41 pm
in the evening, warmer afternoon, should be very nice for your out door plans. sunset coming up at 8:20 in the evening under the mostly clear skies inland. the future cast showing the lack of low clouds. at least the widespread nature of the low clouds, just patchy in nature as we head towards tomorrow morning. might see a little bit across the inner bay. during the afternoon, not just inland area seeing sunshine, look up and down the coast too. see a north breeze picking up as high pressure builds in and that will allow some coastal areas see some 70s popping up. well to the south you can see the clearly defined eye of the first hurricane of the north eastern pacific season. this is hurricane amanda. winds of 115 miles per hour. moving west, northwest at 5. notice the path of this system weakening well before it reaches those inland locations but perhaps some of the moisture may get redirected out towards arizona and texas as we head towards the middle part of the
8:42 pm
week. back to our bay area weather. high pressure is the big story here. it will build in for about a 36 hour window which will allow the sunday temperatures to climb up into the 80s and some low 90s. we'll see most of the warmest spots during the day tomorrow east of 680. this will be alamo out towards livermore. and then temperatures closer to saratoga, perhaps, near 90 degrees. you see that in the forecast for tomorrow. air quality, by the way in san jose, looks fairly good. we're in the good to mod rale range as we go through sunday for the south bay and north bay. you'll see those air quality levels getting worse as we head towards monday. notice san francisco, upper 60s for low 70s. temperatures start to cool down passing the middle part of the week. we'll see about the same temperature trend into the north bay and trivalley as those highs get close to 90 in santa rosa there. we'll see temperatures coming down just a little bit for memorial day on monday and
8:43 pm
cooling down as the sea breeze picks up and see lots of low clouds as we approach next weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. a revolutionary procedure is giving a baby from texas the gift of sound. nbc's amanda reports the family traveled to boston for the procedure. >> reporter: baby elise can feel her father's warmth. she can see her mother's smile, but something was missing. >> we went from shock to immediately what do we need to do? >> reporter: sound. a sense many of us take for granted. >> her world is smaller. things that were happening left and right weren't necessarily something that she was aware of. >> reporter: elise was diagnosed with charge syndrome. leaving her profoundly deaf. >> they said they didn't see the nerve and that she wasn't a candidate for implants. >> reporter: there was another option. implant. the procedure worked.
8:44 pm
>> she did amazing that first day of activation. >> did you hear that? >> we sure did. >> elise is the youngest baby in the country to undergo the procedure. >> we had data that said, hey, she's actually hearing these different frequency ranges and responding to each one. >> r. >> reporter: as for education, the brad shaws say elise is lucky. she'll be able to attend an elementary cha has a program uniquely designed for deaf children. >> now some of those dreams, careers and so forth, might be an option. >> reporter: the road ahead will require hard work. but so far, elise has proven to be a fighter. >> again, that was amanda reporting. according to the charge syndrome foundation web page, it's a recognizable pattern of birth defect which is occurs in about 1 in every 10,000 births worldwide. it is an extremely complex syndrome involving extensive medical and physical difficulties that differ from child to child. it is the crown retail
8:45 pm
jewelry. now it's for sale. retail shops and movie theater and big hotel is quietly being put on the market. business and tech reporters share their thoughts. >> it's a place where you can find a big bank -- and a small bakery. the prune yard, a campbell growth story since the early 1970s is up for sale for the first time in more than a decade. >> i probably started coming here when the prune yard was just opened in the '70s. >> reporter: while it's kept a lot of its old-school charm, there's also been a lot of growth here -- >> it's been kind of sad to see that it's not quite the shopping destination that it used to, but i would be sad to see it go. >> so many good places to eat and things to do here. trader joes, supermarket,
8:46 pm
everything you need basically can -- you can find it here. >> reporter: campbell is going through a growth boom with new housing and new businesses moving in. almost hard to believe that this prune yard tower was once the tallest building between san francisco and los angeles. >> i'll come here and come to get a sandwich after my workout or something like that. if you're here after 10:30 it's hard to get parking and it's surprising to me. so i have just have to think people are starting to recognize it, use it more. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. coming up, parents wanting to protect their kids. >> it's very emotional for all of us as parents. it's like, oh my god, that's the school that my child's in. >> some say they're finding it nearly impossible to get safety information from the state about day care centers. so, nbc bay area is putting the information online and we'll show you.
8:47 pm
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8:49 pm
no records and no easy access. that's the way it's been when it comes to safety information about local day care centers for kids. until now. >> for the last six months, our investigative unit has teamed up for the center for investigative reporting. together we're the first to expose this black hole in transparency and accountability. now, the first to put some of those records online. nbc's steven brings us the very latest. >> reporter: hello, i'm from nbc bay area. i'm looking for -- no one at the day cares we visited wants to talk on camera about this. >> i don't think they are available. >> reporter: thousands of deficiencies sited by state inspectors. information not easily accessible to parents. information that could jeopardize childrens safety. >> it's like, oh my god, that's the school that my child is in. >> reporter: these parents certainly want to talk about it
8:50 pm
now. >> it makes it very hard to trust anyone. >> reporter: the couple was shocked when parents and day care staff started complaining about conditions at this children's center in san jose. a center where they were sending their 2-year-old daughter, riley. >> it's very emotional for all of us as parents. >> reporter: what they didn't know, decolores inspection history. these records show they've been sited and fined numerous times by state inspectors. seven different violations since last december. >> if we would have known some of these issues prior to putting riley in the school, we would have never done that. >> reporter: they aren't alone in not having easy access to these records. >> it absolutely shouldn't be this difficult. denise ross pulled her kids out of this day center. ross says the inspection records needs to be more available to protect their kids. >> what does it say about us as a society if we can't protect
8:51 pm
the most vulnerable. >> reporter: for the last six months we've exposed about how little information about day care inspections is easily available. we hand entered every inspection record from the last decade for the largest county in the bay area. 584 child care centers in santa clara county. and the smallest county, all 140 child care centers and family day care homes in nap pa county. those records, which were always public, are now on our websites. >> we understand the frustration of not being able to get it. >> reporter: pat leery is in charge of day care inspections for the state. no one from her department would talk with us on camera about our new findings. but in january, leery admitted the state cannot track which day cares are performing well or poorly. >> that's the limitation of the system that we currently have it. it doesn't allow an easy way to collect, sort and analyze data.
8:52 pm
>> reporter: so we did that, too. in santa clara county, we found hundreds of deficiencies. common among them, children being left alone or poor sanitation or food prep and lack of supervision. a child fleft a parking lot. a child pinched as punishment. staff threatening to call police if kids didn't nap. or a child with peanut allergies given a sandwich. a day care with 39 deficiencies during the last 10 years and $2150 in fines. also, among the deficiencies, no criminal background check filed on a staffer. too few adults watching children. the owner said in an e-mail that quote none of the violations related to the quality of child care received and all violations have since been cleared by the state. in napa county, we crunched the
8:53 pm
numbers and found 12 different centers with 2 dozen or more violations each. including this one, children's cottage preschool and this one, children's cottage infant center both under the same owner. combined, they had 194 deficiencies over a 10-year period. many for inadequate adult supervision, like a child wondering away and their whereabouts not known by staff. on two different occasions, children pulled down their pants, once touching each other's genital areas all without any adult noticing. all of this landing children's cottage on three year's probation. we just learned the state is moving to revoke the license and shut down children's cottage outright. we were told to turn off the camera when we went to get an explanation. >> are you filming? >> we are now. >> we will stop. owner he his attorney would not
8:54 pm
let him speak on camera. we're doing our job and state licensing is doing their job. no serious harm has come to a child. >> it shouldn't be this hard to get this information from the state of california. >> none of this sits well with these parents. >> it's not like i completely give over my parenting to the state of california. absolutely not. i'm a parent. i'm going to be active. i'm going to look, but are you going to make it so difficult for me to understand what's going on and how i should be looking at these day cares and these preschools? why is it so difficult? >> well, the state will hold a hearing on whether to shut down children's cottage beginning october 14th. meantime the day care remains open. we never heard back. you can read the full reply from primary plus on our website. some of these records have issues so troubling we can't talk about them here but you can find the records on your website, and if you have a tip for
8:55 pm
investigative unit, give us a call at 888-966-tips. tonight's bay area proud segment, we celebrated a space scientist who spent decades working to make his big discovery. well, now two discoveries made by younger scientists. here is what they found and who they are. >> reporter: the great space discovering of our day are no longer made looking through an eye piece at an observatory. they are made crunching numbers on a computer. it's why when stantd san jose state physics professor wanted to teach an eager student how to find a newly discovered type of galaxy, he pointed him not to a telescope but a set of data. >> we'll going to look. >> r. >> reporter: it took that student about a year to learn how to even do the search, but
8:56 pm
when he did earlier this year -- >> it was the first time he looked for something and seemed to find something right away. usually that's just a mistake. but it turned out to be real. >> more mass packed into a -- >> reporter: what he found was the densest collection of stars or ultra compact dwarf galaxy, anyone, anywhere had ever found. >> we don't know much about it at all. we know it's out there. >> reporter: his find so significant richard was flown to hawaii to confirm it at an observatory there. this was so unexpected it was like winning the lottery. >> so -- >> reporter: you can just imagine then how he felt when it happened again. >> and this is the object i found right here. michael sandoval is a classmate of richards who thought it was cool what he was doing and asked if he could collaborate. >> that's where we're looking. >> richard shared what he knew and just a month later michael
8:57 pm
made a finding that blew richards out of the water, the new record holder for densest galaxy known to man. >> when i found that out, i was like, huh, well then. great. >> can you look at this on dr-7? >> yeah. >> reporter: they're collaborating on a paper to be published and presented. starting two careers this science with one very big bang. we leave you this story, youtube says it's creating a new app to support so-called content creators. it's to help users go beyond funny cat videos and wedding blooper. >> why? >> those are so much fun. i had to sneeze. >> we're live. we're live. >> content creators are the folks who entertain viewers with sneezing or other youtube channels. >> that will make youtube too. >> you think?
8:58 pm
or post how-to videos. the new app will allow fans to pay creators directly. it comes with some crowdsourcing options as well. the new feature could be released in the next few weeks. god bless me. >> anchor sneezes. >> that's a channel. >> yeah. >> he'll post it. >> probably youtube channel, anchor sneezes. thanks very much more joining us. >> good night. we'll see you at 11:00 p.m.
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